Habu Animals was created in the spring of 2018 when Masrya (a German-Egyptian) settled on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, home of her forefathers, in the proximity of the wonderous Medinet Habu pharaonic temple. Besides taking care of the family business – restaurant Maratonga, Masrya soon realized that her potential, time, and efforts are needed in another field as well – rescuing dogs in the Habu area.

Dogs in Egypt live mostly on the streets, without having owners, regular food and water, let along medical care. Most of these dogs wander the streets and look for food in the dumpsters. In the summer, they often have to look for natural shelters from the scorching heat, suffering from thirst.

Dogs in Egypt are not only abandoned but, what’s more, they are treated ruthlessly. Children and teenagers often chase them, beat them, or even torture them. Dogs are not looked upon as favorable animals in popular culture and even when found sick or injured, they most of the time cannot rely upon humans to help them.

Masrya is currently taking care of up to forty dogs and new ones keep coming. Her efforts include feeding the stray dogs in the Habu area as well as providing basic medical care to injured animals. She has learned to treat the wounds caused by beating, shooting, and other torture practices. She provides basic medication to treat simple issues such as worms, eye and ear infections, and skin issues. She has recently started to work with a veterinarian on a castration project.

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How you can help Habu Animals

Currently, Masrya and her small team of volunteers are building a sanctuary for the dogs which deserve medical attention that what she is providing. Likewise, she is in dire need of food supplies, medication, and disinfection.

These are the financial needs of the Habu Animals (monthly fixed costs):

• rental for the land 8000 EGP ~ 400€ ~ 470 U$
• salary for the vet and at least two person who will help us, clean and know how to deal with dogs and animals (!!) 7000 EGP ~ 350€ ~ 400 U$
• costs for water and electricity 1500 EGP ~ 75€ ~ 85 U$
• costs for dog food 8500 EGP ~ 425€ ~ 500 U$
• cost for medications 2500 EGP ~ 125€ ~ 145 U$

Follow the latest news with pictures on Facebook.

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